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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Larissa Palethorpelarissa.palethorpe [at]
Giorgia Palombos2200118 [at]
Martina Palusamartina.palusa [at]
Leopoldine ParczannyLeopoldine.Parczanny [at]
Santiago Paredes Saenzsantiago.paredes.saenz [at]
Holly Parkinsonh.b.parkinson [at]
Dinesh Parthasarathys2453474 [at]
Liz Patersonliz.paterson [at] 651 7837JCMB4209
Cheryl Patrickcpatrick [at] 650 5917JCMB3405
Sam Patricksam.patrick [at]
Srijit Paulsrijit.paul [at]
John Peacockjap [at] 668 8390ROEC20
Marcos Pellejerompelleje [at]
Miriam Pena Alvarezmiriam.pena.alvarez [at] 651 7214CSEC2.2804
Jorge Peñarrubiajorpega [at] 668 8359ROEC15
Brian Pendletonbrian.pendleton [at] 650 5241JCMB4413
Clara Marie Pennockcpennock [at]
Anne-Maelle Penots1864172 [at]
Toby Peterkens2078322 [at]
Michael Petersenmichael.petersen [at] 1
Corey Piriecorey.pirie [at]
Steve Playfers.m.playfer [at]
Wilson Poonw.poon [at] 650 5297JCMB2620
Ofelia Popescus1643516 [at]
Antonin Portelliantonin.portelli [at] 650 5239JCMB4417
Alkistis Pourtsidoualkistis.pourtsidou [at]
Samuel Prattspratt [at]
Ciprian Pruteanucip.pruteanu [at]
Peter PuseyPusey [at]