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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Ed PaceEd.Pace [at]
Serena Palazzoserena.palazzo [at]
Martina Palusas1403827 [at]
Marco PappagalloMarco.Pappagallo [at]
Jana Pasztorovas1573050 [at]
Liz Patersonliz.paterson [at] 651 7837JCMB4318
Anne Pawseya.pawsey [at] 651 7772JCMB1601
John Peacockjap [at] 668 8390ROEC20
Rosalyn Pearsonr.l.pearson [at]
Miriam Pena Alvarezmiriam.pena.alvarez [at]
Jorge Peñarrubiajorpega [at] 668 8359ROEC15
Brian Pendletonbrian.pendleton [at] 650 5241JCMB4413
Carolina Pereiras1460633 [at] 651 7176JCMB1511
Liam Pereral.j.perera [at]
Stefano Petruccis1793056 [at]
Frederika Phippsphipps [at]
Steve Playfers.m.playfer [at] 650 5275JCMB5420/ 5301
Wilson Poonw.poon [at] 650 5297JCMB2620
Antonin Portelliantonin.portelli [at] 650 5239JCMB4417
Rebecca Prescottrpresco2 [at]
Luke Pritchard Cairnss1636647 [at]
Ciprian Pruteanus1028231 [at] 650 5258JCMB3311
Ben Pullinb.a.pullin [at]
Peter Puseyp.n.pusey [at]