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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Emmy Gabriele.p.m.gabriel [at]
Ross Gallowayross.galloway [at] 650 8614JCMB1615
Silvia Gambettasilvia.gambetta [at]
Yanyan Gaoyanyan.gao [at] 650 5266JCMB3407
Daniel Gardenerdgar [at]
Einan Gardieinan.gardi [at] 650 6469JCMB4416
Ruchi Gargruchi.garg [at]
Jack Gargans1531894 [at]
Andrew Garriea.garrie [at] 650 5219JCMB2310
Stewart Gaults.a.gault [at]
Tommaso Gianis1792848 [at]
Benjamin Giblinbengib [at] 668 8360ROEEast Tower
Bryan Gillisb.gillis [at] 668 8471ROEStobie 3
Konstantin Gizdovk.gizdov [at]
Thomas Glent.glen [at] 650 5121JCMB2601
Simone Gordons1986236 [at]
Lara Gorgulho Alegrealegre [at]
Emily Goulde.m.gould [at]
Alicja GraczykAlicja.Graczyk [at] 650 5251JCMB4206
Aleta Grahamaleta.graham [at] 650 7012JCMB4215
Eugene Gregoryanze.gregoryanz [at] 651 7223JCMB3.3811
Nisha Grewals1931175 [at]
Samuel Griffithss.e.griffiths-2 [at]
Donald Grigordonald.grigor [at] 651 7744ROEU12
Vera GuelpersVera.Guelpers [at]
Juan Guerrero Monteros2111568 [at]
Ophelia GunnOphelia.Gunn [at] 1605