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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Marios Kalomenopoulosmarios.kalomenopoulos [at]
Guratinder Kaurgkaur2 [at]
Hilal Kayahilal.kaya [at] 650 5310JCMB4317
Laura KeatingLaura.Keating [at]
Caroline Keircaroline.keir [at]
Liam KelsallL.Kelsall [at]
Tony Kennedyadk [at] 650 5272JCMB4404
Richard KenwayR.Kenway [at]
Ryan Keoghs2129428 [at]
Maya Khelas1709582 [at]
Sadegh Khochfarsadeghk [at] 668 8353ROEC19
Bokyoung [at] Tower
Brian KirkwoodBrian.Kirkwood [at]
Marcin Kirszmarcin.kirsz [at]
Pamela Knollpknoll [at]
Rohit Kondapallyrohitk [at] 1
Sergey KoposovSergey.Koposov [at] 668 8452ROEC24
Timofey Kozhukhovs2128486 [at]
Pete Kuzmapete.kuzma [at] 2
Mikhail Kuzovnikovm.kuzovnikov [at]