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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Orianna Balls1833584 [at]
Richard Ballr.d.ball [at] 650 5248JCMB4420
Lyndsey Ballantynel.ballantyne [at] 650 5830JCMB4320
Umberto Battinou.battino [at]
George Beckettgeorge.beckett [at] 668 8255ROEROE Rm 5 / Bayes 2.38
David Behrendts1245012 [at]
Alessandro BentivoglioA.Bentivoglio [at]
Arjun Bereraab [at] 650 5246JCMB4412
Philip Bestpnb [at] 668 8358ROEC21
Beth Billerbb [at] 668 8349ROER4
Fiona Bissettf.bissett [at] 651 7746JCMB7307
Peter [at]
Stephanie Blakeysteph.blakey [at] 668 8261ROEC17
Elena [at] 651 3456JCMB1508
Richard Blyther.a.blythe [at] 650 5105JCMB2505
Andrea Bonatos1883312 [at]
Mariangela Bonavitambonav [at] 668 8484ROE
Alexei Borissovalexei.borissov [at]
Carol Borthwickcarol.borthwick [at] 650 5249JCMB4323a
Nathan Bournebourne [at] 668 8344ROES2 Stobie
Peter Boylepaboyle [at] 650 6573JCMB4410
Chris BrackleyC.Brackley [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Aaron Bradleys1208373 [at] Building
Peter Brandpwb [at]
Derek BranfordD.Branford [at] 650 5290JCMB
Keith Bromleykeith.bromley [at] 651 7772JCMB1601
Christian Bronnum-Hansens1563584 [at]
Rebecca Brouwerss1529080 [at]
Aidan Brownabrown20 [at] 650 5229JCMB2610
Katherine Brownk.l.brown [at]
Tracy Browntracy.brown [at] 650 5817JCMB4322
Alastair Brucealb [at] 668 8344ROESt2
Carlo Brunocarlo.bruno [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Keith Bruntonk.brunton [at] 651 7706JCMB7307
Emma Bubbe.e.bubb [at]
Freya Bullfreya.bull [at]
Luke Butcherlmb [at] 668 8249ROEEast Tower
Emmett Byrnes1773257 [at]