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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Joel Mabillards1528294 [at]
Fraser Mackays1026487 [at]
Cait MacPheecait.macphee [at] 650 5291JCMB2613
Gill Maddygill.maddy [at] 650 5304JCMB4320
Emil Mallminemil.mallmin [at]
Iva Manasis1374036 [at] 651 7176JCMB2510
Bob Mannrgm [at] 668 8338ROEC14
Maria Manolopouloumanolo [at]
Davide Marenduzzodmarendu [at] 650 5289JCMB2506
Irene MarianiIrene.Mariani [at] 650 5254JCMB4318
Miriam Marquesm.marques [at] 650 5234JCMB2607
Victoria Martinvictoria.martin [at] 651 7042JCMB5419
Vincent Martinezvincent.martinez [at] 650 8617JCMB2609
Miguel Martinez-Canalesmiguel.martinez [at] 650 5680JCMB2420
Maria Francesca Marzionis1475685 [at] 650 5284JCMB5301
Bojan MasicBojan.Masic [at] 650 5225JCMB1206B
Bernhard Massanis1574177 [at] 651 7210JCMB2.2805
Andrew Mathesonandrew.matheson [at] 650 5263JCMB2603
James Matthews1204611 [at]
Ben Maybees1731312 [at]
Maria Mazoy Saavedram.mazoysaavedra [at] 651 7524JCMB4315
David McCombwdm [at] 650 5230JCMB7306B
Manuela McDermidmanuela.mcdermid [at] 651 3452JCMB4323A
Natalie McDonaldNatalie.McDonald [at] 650 5900JCMB4210
Lindsey McFarlanelindsey.mcfarlane [at] 651 7830JCMB4215
Sean McGeeversean.mcgeever [at] 651 7743JCMB7307
Lewis McHales1772393 [at]
David McKaindavid.mckain [at] 650 5287JCMB7307
Mairi McKaymairi.mckay [at]
Laura McKinleyl.e.mckinley [at] 650 6799JCMB2510
Scott McLaughlinscott.mclaughlin [at] 651 3438JCMB1503
Derek McLeodmcleod [at] 668 8370ROEC25
Ross McLurerjm [at] 668 8419ROEU17
Malcolm McMahonm.i.mcmahon [at] 650 5956JCMB3804
Sean McMahonsean.mcmahon [at] 651 7771JCMB1603
Ryan McManusryanm [at]
Fiona McNaughtonfiona.mcnaughton [at] 650 5888JCMB4211
Stewart McWilliamsrs.mcwilliams [at] 650 5273CSEC3.3801
Rudi Mearss1563187 [at] 811595JCMB2618
Gavin Melaughg.melaugh [at] 651 3456JCMB1508
Patrick Merrilds0951799 [at] 650 5862JCMB4301
Davide Michielettodavide.michieletto [at] 651 7742JCMB1505
Liza Mijovicliza.mijovic [at] 650 6771JCMB5416
Valentina Mikroulivalentina.mikrouli [at]
Calum Milloycalum.milloy [at]
Paul Mitchellp.s.mitchell [at] 650 6784JCMB1610
Ben Moewsb.moews [at] 668 8370ROEC25
Gustav Mogullg.mogull [at] 650 6050JCMB4310
Lizeth Morales Gallegoss1138315 [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Alexander Morozovalexander.morozov [at] 650 5882JCMB2616
Adam Morriss1354466 [at] 650 5307JCMB5301
Dave Morrisdmr [at]
Frank Morrisf.morris [at] 650 5313CSEC2809A
Ryan Morrisryan.morris [at] 651 7772JCMB1601
Ben Mortonmorton [at]
Peter Mottishawpeter.mottishaw [at] 650 5881JCMB2612
Catriona Mowattcatriona.mowatt [at] 668 8261ROEC17
Franz Muheimf.muheim [at] 650 5235JCMB5422
Ed Muirs1620953 [at]
Keith Munros0790333 [at] 651 7204CSEC2.2805
Iain Muntzi.a.a.muntz [at]
Alex Murphya.s.murphy [at] 650 5285JCMB8208