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NameEmail addressTelephone (UK)BuildingRoom number
Alexander Hallahall [at]
Cassandra Hallcxh [at] 668 8360ROEC23
Oscar Halls1668713 [at] 650 5284JCMB8206
Nigel Hamblynch [at] 668 8234ROEHiggs H1.06
Conor Brian Hamills1771161 [at]
Quianjun Hangs1765089 [at]
Judy Hardyj.hardy [at] 650 6716JCMB1617
Joachim Harnois-Derapsjharno [at] 3
Paul Harrispaul.harris [at] 650 5219JCMB2310
Ahmed Hasibhasib.ahmed [at] 820558JCMB5416
Matthew Heathm.heath [at]
Joshua Helliers1373240 [at] 650 5258JCMB3311
Andreas Hermanna.hermann [at] 650 5824JCMB2604
Rafael Hernandez Jimenezs1367850 [at] 650 5862JCMB4301
Catherine Heymansheymans [at] 668 8301ROER7
Peter Higginsp.m.higgins [at]
Peter Higgsenquiries [at]
Wendy Hisbentw.hisbent [at] 651 3448JCMB4314
James Hitchenj.hitchen [at]
Richard Hos1005014 [at] 650 5273JCMB4301
Xanthe Hoads1463804 [at] 650 5307JCMB5301
Daniel Hodgsondaniel.hodgson [at] 650 5263JCMB2603
Peter Hodkinsonpeter.hodkinson [at] 650 5905JCMB4315
Mark Hollimanmsh [at] 668 8376ROEH1.02
David Homans1564140 [at]
Roger Horsleyrhorsley [at] 650 6481JCMB4419
Will Hossackwill.hossack [at] 650 5261JCMB1612
Jonathan Hunts1417454 [at]
Ryan Hunts1759537 [at]
Paul Hushs1770814 [at]
Andrew Huxleya.huxley [at] 651 7053JCMB2619