Condensed Matter lunchtime seminar archive

The special  R   label denotes that additional resources (e.g. slides) are available for this event.

Date Title Speaker(s)
29 Aug 2022 Multiscale modelling of DNA elasticity
  • Yair Augusto Gutierrez Fosado
09 May 2022 How can snails help us understand memory formation?
  • Jelena Baranovic (University of Edinburgh)
11 Apr 2022 On kirigami mechanics R Additional Resources are available for this event
  • Marcelo Dias (University of Edinburgh)
04 Apr 2022 A larger view on tiny things: multi-proxy approaches for the understanding of Earth earliest fossils
  • Corentin Loron (University of Edinburgh)
21 Feb 2022 Multiscale modelling of solid/liquid interfaces
  • Paola Carbone (University of Manchester)
24 Jan 2022 Cleaning by impinging liquid jets : scabs and blisters
  • Ian Wilson (University of Cambridge)
13 Dec 2021 Studying motility to investigate the physiology of starving bacteria
  • Lucas Le Nagard
06 Dec 2021 The inevitable emergence of density-dependent diffusion in expanding phage populations
  • Diana Fusco (University of Cambridge)
29 Nov 2021 Differential dynamic microscopy for in situ characterization of nanoparticles in biological environments
  • Marine Le Goas (Université de Montréal)
22 Nov 2021 Critical micelle concentrations in surfactant mixtures and blends by simulation
  • Patrick Warren
15 Nov 2021 Designer protein assemblies with tunable phase diagrams in living cells
  • Lorenzo Rovigatti (Sapienza Università di Roma)
08 Nov 2021 Combining optical tweezers with various imaging methods: the power of manipulation in dynamic single molecule studies
  • Emma Verver (LUMICKS)
18 Oct 2021 Compositional ripening in water-in-oil systems
  • Raj Tadi
04 Oct 2021 Structural and Thermal Studies of Soft Matter Systems for Industrial Applications
  • Denise Li
21 Sep 2021 Dynamics of nanoparticles in polydisperse polymer networks: From free diffusion to hopping
  • Valerio Sorichetti (Paris-Saclay University)
30 Aug 2021 Jamming of multiple persistent random walkers in arbitrary spatial dimension
  • Matthew Metson
09 Dec 2019 Ions and Life
  • Charles Cockell
24 Nov 2019 Bacterial Growth on a Dynamical Surface - Vibration Induced Spreading
18 Nov 2019 Polymer Modelling of Genome Organisation in Healthy and Ageing Cells
11 Nov 2019 Building towards bio-mechanical fluidic machines
  • Tyler Shendruk (Loughborough Univeristy)
28 Oct 2019 Novel Bacterial Membrane Mimics: Investigating the Mechanosensitive Ion Channel MscL in the presence of antimicrobial molecules.
  • Sophie Ayscough
07 Oct 2019 Bacterial and Complex Fluids
  • Debasish Das (University of Cambridge)
30 Sep 2019 Surface active microgels: a step towards soft stabilisers
  • David Crosby
16 Sep 2019 Integrated Photonic Manufacturing Enabled by Ultrafast Laser Technology
  • Ajoy Kar (Heriot Watt University)
09 Sep 2019 Pseudomonas aeruginosa growth as suspended aggregates in high viscosity environment
  • Yasuhiko Irie (University of Tartu)
26 Aug 2019 Emergent interactions in conditioned processes: a route to smart matter?
  • Emil Mallmin
  • Francesco Cagnetta
19 Aug 2019 Shear-switched bi-stability in binary suspensions
  • Yujie Jiang
17 Jun 2019 Towards a physical understanding of volume regulation in bacteria
  • Sven van Teeffelen (Pasteur Institute)
10 Jun 2019 Single-cell responses to environmental cues
  • Stefano Pagliara (University of Exeter)
20 May 2019 Wet and dirty: the habitability of aqueous environments in the solar system
  • Adam Stevens
13 May 2019 A Genius Story
  • Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne
29 Apr 2019 Record models for temperature and rainfall
  • Joachim Krug (Institute for Biological Physics, University of Cologne)
08 Apr 2019 Effects of phenotypic delay on the evolution of drug resistance and the Luria-Delbrück distribution
  • Martin Carballo Pacheco
01 Apr 2019 Simultaneously Occurring Extremes: Charting the Boundaries of Habitability Space on Earth
  • Andrew Dickinson
18 Mar 2019 Autonomous analysis of confocal images: using machine learning to recognize bijels
  • Emily Gould
11 Mar 2019 Liquid migration during extrusion of shear thickening suspensions
  • Rory O'Neill
04 Mar 2019 Fracking Bacteria: The mechanics of submerged colonies
  • Ed Muir
25 Feb 2019 We will BioRock you: experiments on Sphingomonas desiccabilis in preparation for the International Space Station.
  • Rosa Santomartino
18 Feb 2019 The Sticky Particle Model - Ising meets SEP
  • Graeme Ackland
14 Feb 2019 The Geometry of Colonization
  • Luca Giomi (Universiteit Leiden)
11 Feb 2019 The (un-)predictability of antibiotic resistance
  • Elin Lilja
04 Feb 2019 Suspensions of particles and bubbles in yield stress fluids
  • Guillaume Ovarlez (University of Bordeaux)
28 Jan 2019 Active growth and pattern formation in membrane-protein systems
  • Francesco Cagnetta
21 Jan 2019 Biofilm spatial structure: Active layer dynamics and transitions in surface roughness
  • Ellen Young
14 Jan 2019 Stochastic field equations for 1D flocking.
  • Eoin Ó Laighléis
20 Dec 2018 Early-Time Dynamics of Bacillus Subtilis Biofilm Formation
  • Ryan Morris
10 Dec 2018 Dipeptide hydrogel film deformation in response to extensional flow.
  • Fernando Avino
03 Dec 2018 Non-equilibrium phase transition in a model for supercoiling-dependent DNA transcription
  • Alessandro Bentivoglio
26 Nov 2018 Breakup of Colloidal Aggregates by Motile Bacteria
  • Samuel Griffiths
19 Nov 2018 A Quantitative Approach to Life in Extreme Environments
  • Rosie Cane
12 Nov 2018 Computational rheology of active matter
  • Fraser Mackay
05 Nov 2018 A recipe to generate low order models of the transition to turbulence
  • James Hitchen
29 Oct 2018 Manipulating structured materials: paper making and mud swimming
  • Duncan Hewitt (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge)
22 Oct 2018 Characterising colloidal silica particle interactions using atomic force microscopy
  • Joseph French
01 Oct 2018 Rabbits, dust devils, volcanoes, planets: The surprising science of granular tribocharging
  • Scott Waitukaitis (AMOLF and Leiden University Physics)
24 Sep 2018 Interaction and Flow of Colloidal Spheres at an Oil-Water Interface
  • Iain Muntz
21 Jun 2018 Methods to characterize microstructural transitions in suspensions
  • Erin Koos ( Department of Chemical Engineering, KU Leuven)
15 Jun 2018 Work & Dissipation in the Cell Cytoskeleton
  • Michael Murrell (Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science)
04 Jun 2018 Equality in Physics & Astronomy
  • Kimberley Tucker-Hood
28 May 2018 Computationally cheap soft matter modelling: an introduction to dynamic density functional theory
  • Ben Goddard (School of Mathematics)
21 May 2018 Stochastic nature of bacterial eradication using antibiotics
  • Minsu Kim (Emory University)
14 May 2018 Robustness of the microtubule cytoskeleton self-organisation
  • Aleksandra Plochocka (School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh)
30 Apr 2018 Woodbury and Lippmann: A new approach to continuous tone and full colour non-impact printing
  • Susanne Klein (Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England)
23 Apr 2018 Liquid crystal laser droplets
  • Margaret Normand (Engineering & Scottish Microelectronics Centre, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh)
16 Apr 2018 Computer Aided Formulation
  • Richard Anderson (Hartree Centre, STFC)
26 Mar 2018 More than just location- expanding the use of PAINT for multi-dimensional imaging
  • Mathew Horrocks (Chemistry, University of Edinburgh)
21 Mar 2018 Fire Ants Build a Raft In Two Minutes, Grubs Eat A Pizza In Two Hours
  • David Hu (Gerogia Institute of Technology)
26 Feb 2018 Physiological model of the mechanism of action of DNA targeting antibiotic: Stochastic simulations of the growth-inhibition curve
  • Nikola Ojkic
19 Feb 2018 Self-assembled sterol organogels
  • Andrew Matheson
12 Feb 2018 Mathematical modelling unravels a novel mechanism of gene expression regulation
  • Bartlomiej Waclaw
  • Justyna Cholewa-Waclaw (School of Biological Sciences Edinburgh)
05 Feb 2018 Computer Simulations of Chromatin in Yeast - Generating nucleosome contact maps using nucleosome positions in simple model simulations
  • Oliver Wiese
29 Jan 2018 The Physics of Cellular Identity
  • Davide Michieletto
11 Dec 2017 Bacterial population dynamics in presence of antibiotics
27 Nov 2017 Strategic synthesis and local scale characterisation of new materials for energy storage
  • Serena Corr (School of Chemistry, Glasgow University)
13 Nov 2017 Gel formation in nematic liquid crystals
  • Navneeta Katyan
06 Nov 2017 Geomicrobiological Experiments in Altered Gravity
  • Natasha Nicholson
30 Oct 2017 Rényi entropy of the totally asymmetric exclusion process
  • Anthony Wood
23 Oct 2017 Transforming soft materials into engines by coupling the Leidenfrost effect to elastic deformations
  • Scott Waitukaitis (Leiden University)
16 Oct 2017 Phase inversion in Pickering emulsions: A new perspective.
09 Oct 2017 Bacterial Antibiotic Response in Micro-Environments
  • Daniel Taylor
02 Oct 2017 Rheology of deformable droplet suspensions: a lattice Boltzmann study
25 Sep 2017 Microbiology of extreme radiation environments
  • Jennifer Wadsworth
04 Jul 2017 How does a simple virus self-assemble?
  • Vinny Manoharan (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Department of Physics, Harvard University)
03 Jul 2017 Engineering many-body dissipative dynamics with ultracold atoms in optical lattices
  • Andrew Daley (University of Strathclyde)
26 Jun 2017 Prions and Protein Misfolding – Unravelling the Evidence.
  • Neil McKenzie (National CJD Research and Surveillance Unit, Edinburgh)
19 Jun 2017 Oleosomes ? Natural Oil Droplets: What can we learn from their physico-chemical properties?
  • David Gray (University of Nottingham)
15 Jun 2017 Using Rheology to Determine the Phase Behavior: A Case Study of Colloidal Suspension of Charged Discotic Particles
  • Yogesh M. Joshi (IIT Kanpur)
05 Jun 2017 The refractive index of keratocyte cells and implications on the model of corneal transparency
25 May 2017 Linear Viscoelasticity of Time Dependent Materials
  • Yogesh M. Joshi (IIT Kanpur)
17 May 2017 Towards Topological Microfluidics — Harnessing surface, elastic and viscous interactions at micro-scales
  • Anupam Sengupta (ETH Zurich)
10 Apr 2017 A universal entrainment dominates the interaction of flagellated microorganisms with micron-sized objects
  • Marco Polin (Department of Physics, University of Warwick)
10 Apr 2017 A universal entrainment dominates the interaction of flagellated microorganisms with micron-sized objects
  • Marco Polin
03 Apr 2017 The Role of Polymer-Mediated Cohesion in Bacterial Suspensions
  • Gavin Melaugh
27 Mar 2017 Instabilities in Bacterial Biofilms
  • Carine Douarche (Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Université Paris Sud)
20 Mar 2017 A minimal model for the unsteady flow of shear-thickening suspensions
16 Mar 2017 Growing Buildings with Bacteria: An Architect's approach to microbiology
  • Martyn Dade-Robertson (University of Newcastle)
13 Mar 2017 Dynamics of self-propelled particles in viscoelastic fluids
  • Ruben Gomez Solano (University of Stuttgart)
06 Mar 2017 Controlling the Properties of Supramolecular Hydrogels
  • Dave Adams (University of Glasgow)
27 Feb 2017 Pattern formation in polymerizing actin flocks
  • Thomas Le Goff
13 Feb 2017 Cross-stream migration of spherical active particles
  • William Uspal (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart)
06 Feb 2017 Diversity of flagellate swimming gaits
  • Kirsty Wan (University of Cambridge)
30 Jan 2017 The colonisation of land masses – what controls community assembly and habitability?
  • Hanna Landenmark
23 Jan 2017 A recipe for making glasses at any temperature through topology
  • Davide Michieletto
16 Jan 2017 Watching self-assembly dynamics at the nanoscale using liquid-phase TEM
  • Qian Chen ( University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
12 Dec 2016 Charges in confined binary fluids : from electroosmosis to emulsion stabilization
  • Julien Lombard (University of Barcelona)
05 Dec 2016 Title: 'Colloids as a model system for proteins at interfaces'
  • Rudi Mears
28 Nov 2016 Self-propulsion of swimmers driven by chemical reactions: mesoscopic modelling of a synthetic biological system
  • Tannie Liverpool (University of Bristol)
21 Nov 2016 Biophysics of Bacterial Biofilms
  • Knut Drescher (Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology Marburg Germany)
17 Nov 2016 Chemotaxis and auto-chemotaxis of self-propelling artificial droplet swimmers
  • Chenyu Jin (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization Gottingen Germany)
14 Nov 2016 Active Microtubule Droplets
  • Alys Jepson
07 Nov 2016 Directly Investigating Ions and their Dynamics at Biological Interfaces: an AFM Perspective
  • Will Trewby (Durham University)
31 Oct 2016 Lattice Boltzmann simulations of active gels: spontaneously rotating droplets and self-assembled nonequilibrium cholesterics
  • Ana Fialho
24 Oct 2016 Microfluidic Pumping by Micromolar Salt Concentrations
  • Joost de Graaf
17 Oct 2016 Topological Patterns in Gel Electrophoresis of DNA Knots
  • Davide Michieletto
10 Oct 2016 BslA - how does the bacterial raincoat stick together?
  • Marieke Schor
03 Oct 2016 A simulation perspective on DNA condensation in bacterial and human cells
  • Carolina Pereira
26 Sep 2016 Soft meets hard: a microscopic view of the freeze-thaw stability of Pickering emulsions
  • Katy Dickinson
13 Jun 2016 Adhesion of E. coli to glass surfaces
  • Teun Vissers
06 Jun 2016 Universal asymptotic clone size distribution for general population growth
  • Michael Nicholson
30 May 2016 Dynamic shear jamming in dense suspensions
  • Ivo Peters (University of Southampton)
23 May 2016 A Single Nucleotide Resolution Model of Double Stranded DNA
16 May 2016 The role of surfactants in chocolate: structural studies at the sucrose/oil interface
  • Iva Manasi
09 May 2016 Mechanics in Bacterial Colonies
  • Joshua Williams
02 May 2016 Diverse high-torque bacterial flagellar motors assemble wider stator rings using a conserved protein scaffold
  • Morgan Beeby (Imperial College London)
25 Apr 2016 Biological evolution in microbial colonies
  • Bartlomiej Waclaw
18 Apr 2016 What triggers the gravitational collapse of a colloidal gel?
  • Xuemao Zhou
24 Mar 2016 Shear-induced Rigidity in Athermal Materials
  • Balbul Chakraborty (Brandeis University)
14 Mar 2016 Kinetic models for intrinsically disordered peptides from molecular dynamics simulations
  • Bettina Keller (Freie Universitat Berlin)
07 Mar 2016 The photophysics of charge generation and separation in an organic photovoltaic blend
  • Andrew Matheson
22 Feb 2016 Clustering and Pattern Formation with Chemically Interacting Microswimmers
  • Benno Liebchen
18 Feb 2016 Time and relatedness in microbes and humans
  • Jonathan Birch (London School of Economics)
08 Feb 2016 Spatially controlled activity of light-driven E. coli suspensions
  • Jochen Arlt
25 Jan 2016 Model of antibiotic action on bacterial population growth
  • Martin Evans
18 Jan 2016 Dynamic behaviours during biofilm development
  • Munehiro Asally (University of Warwick)
11 Jan 2016 Predicting the three-dimensional folding of cis-regulatory regions in mammalian genomes using polymer models
  • Chris Brackley
14 Dec 2015 Bridging the gap between drop coalescence and interfacial rheology
  • David Harbottle (University of Leeds)
07 Dec 2015 Hard discs: Anomalous statics, anomalous dynamics and a new kind of gearbox
  • Paddy Royall (University of Bristol)
23 Nov 2015 Directed self-assembly of complex colloidal particles
  • Daniela Kraft (Leiden University)
16 Nov 2015 Liquid crystal lasers
  • Philip Hands (University of Edinburgh (Engineering))
09 Nov 2015 On the programmed assembly of colloidal matter
  • Dwaipayan Chakrabarti (University of Birmingham)
02 Nov 2015 Multiple and composite emulsions stabilised by the interfacial protein BslA
  • Keith Bromley
26 Oct 2015 Rock-microbe interactions and their contribution to shale weathering and erosion
  • Toby Samuels
19 Oct 2015 Active time scales for passive particles in bacterial baths
  • Nick Koumakis
15 Oct 2015 Dynamics of all-aqueous emulsion drops
  • Anderson Shum (Hong Kong University)
12 Oct 2015 Nature of collective motion in dilute suspensions of self-propelled particles
  • Alexander Morozov
05 Oct 2015 Language change in individuals and populations
  • Richard Blythe
03 Sep 2015 Mass transfer induced phase separation of ternary mixtures: From onion emulsions to asymmetric bijel structures and the analysis of their mechanical properties
  • Martin Haase (University of Pennsylvania)
24 Aug 2015 High-speed video methods in biophysics
  • Laurence Wilson (University of York)
14 Jul 2015 Roles of growing structural order in slow glassy dynamics and crystal nucleation
  • Hajime Tanaka (Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan)
15 Jun 2015 Defining entropy classically: Lessons from colloidal experiments
  • Mike Cates
08 Jun 2015 Swarming in the dirt: Flocking in the presence of quenched disorder
  • John Toner (University of Oregon)
01 Jun 2015 Propulsion Mechanisms of Catalytic Microswimmers
  • Aidan Brown
18 May 2015 Understanding the Biophysical Mechanism of Ranaspumin-2 Surface Activity
27 Apr 2015 Application of the Markov chain tree theorem to a system with timescale separation in its transition rates
  • Alexander Slowman
20 Apr 2015 Micro-Capsules for Use in Food Products
  • Anne Pawsey
13 Apr 2015 The Influence of Fluidity on Interactions with Models for the Bacterial Membrane
  • Laura McKinley
23 Mar 2015 Computer Simulation of Topological Domain Formation in Chromatin
16 Mar 2015 Centrifugal Compression of the Bijel
09 Mar 2015 The piezoelectric transistor (PET) - a novel paradigm in electronics
  • Ioan Magdau
02 Mar 2015 Colloidal liquid crystals, plastic crystals and glasses of rod-like silica particles
  • Thijs Besseling (Utrecht University)
23 Feb 2015 Microrheology with Optical Tweezers: Principles and Applications
  • Manlio Tassieri (University of Glasgow)
16 Feb 2015 The life of a bicontinuous Pickering emulsion: structure, dynamics and the role of particle size
  • Matthew Reeves
09 Feb 2015 The optimization of swimming
  • Tom Ives
02 Feb 2015 Biphasic Active Nematics
  • Matthew Blow
26 Jan 2015 The Physics of Plasmid Transfer on Microbial Colonies
  • Jakub Pastuszak
19 Jan 2015 Role of Solution Conductivity in Self-Electrophoresis
  • Jeffrey Moran (MIT)
16 Jan 2015 Diffusiophoretic Drive for Catalytic Janus Particles
  • Joost de Gaaf (University of Stuttgart)
12 Jan 2015 Thermal fluctuations: a tool to study simple fluids and binary mixtures at the micrometre scale
  • Clemence Devailly
08 Dec 2014 Life in Deep Salts
  • Samuel Payler
24 Nov 2014 On Bone, Shells, and More: Understanding Nature?s Strategies for the Formation of Mineralised Tissues
  • Fabio Nudelman (School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh)
17 Nov 2014 Kinetic and mechanical aspects of metastasis
  • Chay Paterson
10 Nov 2014 Modelling biological evolution: phenotype switching in a static landscape
  • Andrew Tadrowski
03 Nov 2014 Purely Elastic Turbulence and Exact Coherent Structures
  • Toby Searle
27 Oct 2014 The Soft Face of Graphene
  • Dongyu Cai
20 Oct 2014 Overview of Disordered Systems and some Progress with the Replica Method
  • Peter Mottishaw
13 Oct 2014 Assembling Ellipsoidal Particles at Fluid Interfaces using Switchable Dipolar Capillary Interactions
  • Gary Davies (University College London)
29 Sep 2014 Mechanics of the cell interface studied by model membrane systems
  • Margarita Staykova (Durham University)
22 Sep 2014 Self-assembly of dipeptides at interfaces
  • Tao Li
11 Aug 2014 Extracting equilibrium and dynamic properties from molecular dynamics simulations
  • Antonia Mey (School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh)
07 Aug 2014 Determining molecular orientation in organic semi-conductor thin films
  • Eva Herzig (University of Edinburgh)
05 Aug 2014 'We happy few, we band of brothers' : Cooperation and spatial structure in bacterial biofilms
  • Vernita Gordon (University of Edinburgh)
28 Jul 2014 Time resolved infrared spectroscopy for the study of solar energy conversion processes in plants and bacteria
  • Gary Hastings (Georgia State University)
14 Jul 2014 Breaking immiscibility : Dissolving large ratios of natural gas in water under extreme conditions
  • Ciprian Pruteanu
07 Jul 2014 High-pressure Hydrogen Inclusion Compounds
  • Mary-Ellen Donnelly
30 Jun 2014 Bridging the gap between colloidal and granular rheology
20 Jun 2014 Self-assembly of Janus ellipsoids
  • Michael J. Solomon (University of Michigan Ann Arbor)
16 Jun 2014 The Princess and the Pea: mechanical transparency in a marginal bead pack
  • Thomas A. Witten (University of Chicago)
09 Jun 2014 Two stage diamond anvil cells for higher pressure
  • Mungo Frost
02 Jun 2014 Physicochemical constraints on the habitability of extreme, Mars relevant brines
  • Mark Fox-Powell
26 May 2014 Active Matter at high density
  • Silke Henkes (Leiden University)
19 May 2014 Self-assembling bacterial colonies & the need for the third dimension
  • Alexander McVey
12 May 2014 Functional bionanomaterials from the assembly of protein-polymer surfactant conjugates
  • Adam Perriman (University of Bristol)
05 May 2014 A mean field theory for relaxor piezoelectrics and the piezoelectric transistor
  • Flaviu Cipcigan
28 Apr 2014 How do proteins adsorb at water/oil interfaces? The example of a bacterial hydrophobin
  • Giovanni Brandani
14 Apr 2014 The Role of Contact Angle in High Shear Granulation
  • Daniel Hodgson
07 Apr 2014 Don't Forget Your Tail! A Moving Condensate Maintained by its Tail
  • Justin Whitehouse
31 Mar 2014 Tuning the electronic properties of Sr3Ir2O7 via electron doping
  • Emily Hunter
24 Mar 2014 Confirmed
  • Ruud van der Sman (Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research)
17 Mar 2014 The impact of microscale fluid motion on the ecology of marine phytoplankton and soil bacteria
  • William Durham (University of Oxford)
03 Mar 2014 How does MRSA grow and divide?
  • Bob Turner (University of Sheffield)
24 Feb 2014 Assessing the Optimum Geometry of Pre-formed Aggregates in Biofilms
  • Gavin Melaugh
17 Feb 2014 The Composition of Caramel and its Rheology
  • Simon Weir
10 Feb 2014 Modelling and simulation of deformable particles in external flow fields at negligible and finite inertia
  • Timm Kruger (School of Engineering)
03 Feb 2014 Interactions of Short Antimicrobial Peptides with Bacteria
  • Benjamin Little
27 Jan 2014 Making and breaking bridges in Pickering emulsions
  • David French
20 Jan 2014 Three faces of condensation
  • Juraj Szavits Nossan
14 Jan 2014 Wetting and sticking on soft surfaces
  • Rob Styles (University of Yale)
13 Jan 2014 Particle-Based Methods for Simulation of Complex Fluids
  • Ron Larson (University of Michigan)
10 Jan 2014 Efficient collective motion of molecular motors
  • Ignacio Pagonabarraga (University of Barcelona)
07 Jan 2014 Reversible and irreversible dynamics in a sheared Wigner crystal
  • Bruno Eckhart (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
16 Dec 2013 Bacterial chemotaxis in confining geometries
  • Elliot Marsden
09 Dec 2013 How does biodiversity occur?
  • Catherine Mills
25 Nov 2013 Designing and Understanding Microporosity in Liquids
  • Mario G. del Popolo (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo Argentina)
18 Nov 2013 Sources of organic electron donors for microbial iron reduction in the subsurface of Earth and Mars
  • Sophie Nixon
11 Nov 2013 Rheology of emulsions: is jamming a phase transition?
  • Daniel Bonn (The University of Amsterdam)
04 Nov 2013 Micelle-like behaviour in a pure fluid of spherical particles with competing interactions
  • Martin Sweatman (University of Edinburgh)
28 Oct 2013 Mixed Lipid- and Particle-Covered Interfaces
  • Joe Forth
21 Oct 2013 Bioinspired Soft Machines
  • Adam Stokes (University of Edinburgh)
14 Oct 2013 On small bacterial colonies as active 2d nematics
  • Dario Dell'Arciprete
09 Oct 2013 Clay particles in suspension and at interfaces
  • Jeroen Van Duijneveldt (University of Bristol)
07 Oct 2013 Antimicrobial Peptide Induced Electroporation of Lipid Bilayers using Molecular Dynamics
  • Matthew Carr
30 Sep 2013 On the rocks: nutrient uptake from the planetary crust
  • Casey Bryce
12 Sep 2013 Oscillatory pipe flow of a wormlike micellar solution
  • Jordi Ortin (Universitat de Barcelona)
02 Sep 2013 Complex molecules at interfaces - insights from simulation
  • David Cheung (University of Strathclyde)
27 Jun 2013 What buoyancy really is: Archimedes stepping into a crowded bath
  • Roberto Piazza (Dipartimento CMIC Giulio Natta Politecnico di Milano)
24 Jun 2013 Pillar formation in drying polymer droplets
  • David Fairhurst (University of Edinburgh)
17 Jun 2013 Swimming droplets: squirmers, topological droplets and their collective dances
  • Shashi Thutupalli (Princeton University)
10 Jun 2013 Competition between phase separation and crystallization in attractive colloids
  • Barbara Frisken (Simon Fraser University Canada)
03 Jun 2013 Motility-induced phase separation in suspensions of active Brownian particles
  • Joakim Stenhammar
27 May 2013 The dispersion of swimming algae: consequences for photobioreactors
  • Ottavio Croze (University of Edinburgh)
20 May 2013 Imaging the microstructure of colloidal suspensions to understand their non-Newtonian flow behavior
  • Neil Lin (Physics Department Cornell University)
06 May 2013 Motility control in suspensions of swimming cells
  • Vasily Kantsler (University of Cambridge)
29 Apr 2013 High Temperature Studies of Hydrogen and Deuterium at Extreme Pressures
  • Philip Dalladay-Simpson
22 Apr 2013 Equality and Diversity: What you need to know and why you need to know it
  • Toni Collis
15 Apr 2013 Nutrient-dependent switching in microbial ecosystems
  • Timothy Bush
08 Apr 2013 Evolution of combinatorial communication
  • Richard Blythe
25 Mar 2013 What happens at freezing. A perspective from suspension of hard sphere-like particles
  • Bill van Megen (RMIT University Australia)
18 Mar 2013 How many different cancers are in a solid tumour?
  • Bartlomiej Waclaw
11 Mar 2013 The self-assembly of the tooth enamel protein, amelogenin
  • Keith Bromley
08 Mar 2013 Predicting the mechanisms of H-NS – DNA assembly
  • Jocelyne Vreede (University of Amsterdam)
04 Mar 2013 The propulsion mechanism of catalytic Janus swimmers
  • Aidan Brown
25 Feb 2013 Super-resolution imaging of rapid biological processes in real-time
  • Rory Duncan (Heriot-Watt University)
18 Feb 2013 Studying the Nano-scale Kinetics of Radiation Damaged Surfaces
  • Terri Amos
11 Feb 2013 Enriched Uranium – The Heavy Fermion Antiferromagnet UAu<sub>2</sub>
  • Julian Schmehr
04 Feb 2013 X-rays mark the spot: grain mapping in polycrystals
  • William Whitley
28 Jan 2013 Fluid entrainment by individual microswimmers
  • Mitya Pushkin (University of Oxford)
21 Jan 2013 Magnetic and transport measurements at very high pressures and low temperatures
  • Chris O'Neill
14 Jan 2013 Structural Studies of Europium at High Pressure
  • Rachel Husband
10 Dec 2012 The beginning and end of HIPE
  • Paul Clegg
03 Dec 2012 Listening to Magnetism: Using ultrasound at high pressures as a probe to study uranium intermetallics
  • Michal Kepa
26 Nov 2012 A possible key role of hydrodynamic interactions in colloidal gelation
  • Akira Furukawa (University of Tokyo)
19 Nov 2012 Competition for space in growing bacterial populations: what determines the winners and losers?
  • Diarmuid Lloyd
12 Nov 2012 High pressure gas hydrates of the H2O-CO2 system
  • Daniel Amos
05 Nov 2012 Identifying the molecular processes leading to the formation of fibrillar protein aggregates
  • Jason Kalapothakis
31 Oct 2012 Aqueous phase structuring and rheology in food and personal care products
  • William J. Frith (Unilever)
29 Oct 2012 Elucidating the locking mechanism of peptides onto growing amyloid fibrils
  • Marieke Schor
22 Oct 2012 Walking the back alleys: a modelling study of symplastic transport
  • Eva Deinum (FOM Institute AMOLF Amsterdam)
15 Oct 2012 The bacterial colonisation of microplastic debris in coastal marine sediments
  • Jesse Harrison
08 Oct 2012 Superparamagnetic colloidal flats: A route to studying the non-linear mechanics of actin networks
  • Joe Tavacoli (PMMH-ESPCI Paris)
04 Oct 2012 Catalytic Swimming Devices
  • Stephen Ebbens (University of Sheffield)
01 Oct 2012 Burning Titanium
  • Graeme Ackland
10 Sep 2012 EXTRA SEMINAR: Understanding Chemical Engineering Processes Based on Colloid and Interfacial Science
  • Xianfeng Fan (Chemical Engineering UoE)
27 Aug 2012 EXTRA SEMINAR: Topology and statistical properties of polymers using DNA with an application to gene expression control
  • Giovanni Dietler (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) Switzerland)
30 Jul 2012 EXTRA SEMINAR: Using Bijels for Advanced Materials Synthesis
  • Ali Mohraz (University of California Irvine)
23 Jul 2012 EXTRA SEMINAR: Nonlinear Rheology of Dilute Colloidal Gels
  • Ali Mohraz (University of California Irvine)
02 Jul 2012 Emergence of motifs in model gene regulatory networks
  • Marcin Zagorski (Institute of Physics at Jagiellonian University)
25 Jun 2012 Antimicrobial peptide action on E.coli
  • Alys Jepson
18 Jun 2012 Ionomer Design Principles for Ion-Conducting Energy Materials
  • Ralph Colby (Penn State University)
11 Jun 2012 Novel molecular design and dielectrophoretic manipulation for enhancing biosensors
  • Mira Nishimura
28 May 2012 An Alternative Protein Aggregation Pathway
  • Jay Gillam
21 May 2012 Biophysics of protein aggregation
  • Tuomas Knowles (University of Cambridge)
17 May 2012 Spontaneous emulsification by ionic surfactants and responsive nanoparticles, and theoretical models of inhomogeneous, correlated Coulomb fluids
  • Jos Zwanikken (Northwestern University)
14 May 2012 Wetting of Simple Liquids and Cohesive Cells on Soft Surfaces
  • Eric Dufresne (University of Yale)
07 May 2012 Molecular dynamics simulations of radiation damage in metals
  • Graham Galloway
30 Apr 2012 Surface functionalized particles for Pickering stabilization
  • Elena Blanco
23 Apr 2012 Modelling Ribosome Traffic in mRNA translation: Balancing Supply and Demand
  • Chris Brackley
16 Apr 2012 Colloids in active fluids: simulations of microrheology experiments
  • Giulia Foffano
26 Mar 2012 Entropy-driven self-assembly of novel phases
  • Laura Filion (University of Cambridge)
23 Mar 2012 From wrinkly elastomers to Janus Particles
  • Paulo Teixeira (University of Lisbon)
19 Mar 2012 Pattern formation in active matter systems
  • Fred Farrell
12 Mar 2012 Simulating biochemical pathways
  • Steven Court
05 Mar 2012 The early stages of insulin fibrillogenesis explored with mass spectrometry and molecular modelling
  • Massimiliano Porrini
27 Feb 2012 Evolution of antibiotic resistance in the presence of antibiotic gradients
  • Bartlomiej Waclaw
20 Feb 2012 Granular rheology near jamming and engineering models
  • Jin Sun (University of Edinburgh)
13 Feb 2012 Non-equilibrium fluctuations of intracellular filaments generated by motor activity
  • Ines-Kristin Weber
06 Feb 2012 A New Phase of Hydrogen at High Pressure
  • Ross Howie
23 Jan 2012 The Alkali Elements at Extreme Compressions: Static and Dynamic Compression Techniques
  • Emma McBride
16 Jan 2012 A Physicists view on measuring poverty
  • Graeme Ackland
12 Dec 2011 Mixed Singlet Magnetism of PrPtAl
  • Gino Abdul-Jabbar
28 Nov 2011 Investigation of the FexOy - H2O - CO2 system at high P - T
  • Donna Marie Morton
14 Nov 2011 Simulation and modeling of materials with atomic detail at IBM: From biophysics to high-tech application
  • Glenn Martyna (Materials Research Laboratory at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center NY USA)
07 Nov 2011 The Transformations and Nature of Amorphous Ices
  • John Loveday
31 Oct 2011 To be confirmed
  • Matthew Turner (Warwick University)
24 Oct 2011 Hard sphere crystal growth
  • Michiel Hermes
17 Oct 2011 Using dielectrophoretic manipulation with nucleic acid sensors
  • Mira Nishimura
10 Oct 2011 The rheology of nanoparticle layers and the relation to foam stability
  • Duyang Zang (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
03 Oct 2011 Collective Cell Movements and their role in Tissue Dynamics and Morphogenesis during Development
  • Kees Weijer (University of Dundee)
26 Sep 2011 Squeezing particle-stabilized emulsions into biliquid foams
  • Job Thijssen
27 Jun 2011 Yielding and flow of colloidal glasses and gels
  • Nikos Koumakis (Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas (FORTH))
20 Jun 2011 Noise-induced dynamical transition in systems with symmetric absorbing states
  • Dominic Russell
16 Jun 2011 Phase Stability of Titanium Alloys
  • Bengt Tegner
13 Jun 2011 Transition Metal-Hydrogen Systems at High Pressures
  • Thomas Scheler
09 Jun 2011 Colloidal Particles at a Cholesteric Liquid Crystal interface
  • Anne Pawsey
06 Jun 2011 The role of particle size and shape in highly size-asymmetric mixtures
  • Douglas Ashton (University of Bath)
23 May 2011 A Non-Markovian Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process
  • Robert Concannon
16 May 2011 Deformation of Crystalline Materials: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  • Con Healy
09 May 2011 Metastable intermediate phases on molecular crystallisation pathways
  • Jan Sefcik (Strathclyde University)
05 May 2011 Rotator phases and twist solitons in polyethylene and n-alkanes
  • Scott Milner (The Pennsylvania State University)
18 Apr 2011 The Structure of Ammonia Monohydrate Vb: Implications for the ammonia-water system
  • Craig Wilson
11 Apr 2011 Polydispersity in Colloid-Polymer Mixtures
  • Siobhan Liddle
04 Apr 2011 Exploring the Role of Primary Nucleation and Secondary Processes During Insulin Amyloid Fibril Formation
28 Mar 2011 Simulating the Adsorption of Food & Beverage Biomolecules at Fluid Interfaces
  • Stephen Euston (School of Life Sciences & International Centre for Brewing & Distilling Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh)
24 Mar 2011 Modeling of mild fractionation of suspensions
  • Martijntje Vollebregt (Wageningen University)
21 Mar 2011 A dynamical phase transition in a model for evolution with migration
  • Bartlomiej Waclaw
14 Mar 2011 Modelling swimmers in a bag using hydrodynamics
  • Elsen Tjhung
07 Mar 2011 The blistering of viscoelastic filaments
  • Christian Wagner (University of Saarlandes)
28 Feb 2011 Colloids in Phase Separating Binary Liquids: Towards Rod-like Particles
  • Niek Hijnen
21 Feb 2011 Particles at Interfaces: from Bijels to Oscillating Pickering Drops
  • Joe Tavacoli
17 Feb 2011 Exploring early stage processes involved in amyloid fibril formation
  • Kim Eden-Jones (University of Edinburgh)
07 Feb 2011 Simulating particle stabilised thin films using surface evolver
  • Gareth Morris (Imperial College London)
31 Jan 2011 Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of osmosis
  • Tom Lion (University of Edinburgh)
24 Jan 2011 Analysis of slurred transients in brass instrument playing
  • Shona Logie
13 Dec 2010 A Most Unnatural Act! Investigating some of the Questions Surrounding the Way in which We Speak and Sing
  • Adam Apostoli
06 Dec 2010 Colloids in cholesteric
  • Juho Lintuvuori
29 Nov 2010 Analytical Study of a Genetic Toggle Switch
  • Juan Venegas-Ortiz
15 Nov 2010 Active transport on random filament networks
  • Philip Greulich
08 Nov 2010 What it takes to grow at pressure
  • Lucas Black
01 Nov 2010 Spatiotemporal regulation of chemical reactions by active cytoskeletal remodeling
  • Abhishek Chaudhuri (University of Oxford)
25 Oct 2010 Small particles in liquid crystal phases
  • Ingo Dierking (School of Physics and Astronomy University of Manchester)
18 Oct 2010 Entangled liquid crystal colloids: knots and links
  • Miha Ravnik (University of Oxforf)
11 Oct 2010 Protein structure prediction and folding dynamics
  • Katrin Wolff
04 Oct 2010 How do (fluorescent) surfactants affect particle-stabilized emulsions?
  • Job Thijssen
27 Sep 2010 Swimming bacteria: from individual swimmers to dense suspensions
  • Jochen Arlt
07 Sep 2010 The puzzle of delayed gel collapse
  • Paul Bartlett (University of Bristol)
19 Jul 2010 Understanding the sol-gel transition in DSMO/lysozyme/water mixtures
  • Ilja Voets (University of Friburg)
05 Jul 2010 Ordering by random copying on complex networks
  • Richard Blythe
28 Jun 2010 Simulation studies of phase behaviour in highly size asymmetrical mixtures
  • Nigel Wilding (University of Edinburgh)
21 Jun 2010 High-Pressure Incommensurate Structures in Nanomaterials
  • Wanruk Chaimayo (University of Edinburgh)
07 Jun 2010 Irreversible Aging Dynamics and Phase Behavior of Aqueous Suspensions of Laponite
  • Yogesh M. Joshi (Department of Chemical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
31 May 2010 Coarse-grained simulations of DNA nanostructures, the self-assembly of virus-like objects, and the evolution of protein complexes
  • Jon Doye (Oxford University)
24 May 2010 Discontinuous Transition in a Boundary Driven Contact Process
  • Andre Costa
10 May 2010 Scattering techniques applied to reveal internal structure and orientational behaviour of colloidal particles
  • Mathias Reufer (University of Edinburgh)
03 May 2010 Live Cell imaging of Host-Virus interactions using CARS and Two-Photon microscopy
  • Christine Wong
26 Apr 2010 Shear localization in colloidal glasses
  • Rut Besseling
12 Apr 2010 Crystallization of hard aspherical particles
  • William Miller (Columbia University New York)
29 Mar 2010 Computer models for DNA organisation: bacteriophages and the human nucleus
  • Davide Marenduzzo
22 Mar 2010 Charge models of disordered alloys for electron spectroscopy
  • Tom Underwood
15 Mar 2010 Deformation of elastic nanotubes via self-assembly of surface-adhesive nanoparticles
  • Josep Pamies (University of Edinburgh)
08 Mar 2010 Investigating Early Aggregation Processes using Mass Spectrometry
  • Harriet Cole
01 Mar 2010 Lattice Dynamics Studies of High-Pressure Phases Using Thermal Diffuse Scattering
  • Jenny Jeppsson
22 Feb 2010 Microscopic swimmers at surfaces
  • Jens Elgeti (University of Edinburgh)
18 Feb 2010 DNA-directed self-assembly of micro- and nano-particles: towards self-replicating materials
  • Mirjam Leunissen (University of Edinburgh)
15 Feb 2010 Statics and dynamics of a zero-range process with saturated condensation
  • Alasdair Thompson
08 Feb 2010 Capillary filling and drop dynamics on structured surfaces
  • Bortolo Mognetti (University of Edinburgh)
01 Feb 2010 Secondary Structure Determination of gp41(659-671)
  • Craig Gregor
25 Jan 2010 Large Scale Lattice-Boltzmann Simulation of Liquid Crystals
  • Oliver Henrich
18 Jan 2010 The Importance of Disclinations: Colloidal Dispersions in a Themotropic Nematic Solvent
  • Tiffany Wood
11 Jan 2010 Investigating the assembly of actin networks
  • Linda Hirst (University of Edinburgh)
07 Dec 2009 A soft-core spherocylinder model for coarse-grained simulations of self-assembling system
  • Juho Lintuvuori
30 Nov 2009 Quantum Drude Oscillators for Accurate Many-body Intermolecular Forces
  • Andrew Jones
23 Nov 2009 Hard Spheres: Crystallization and Glass Formation
  • Peter Pusey
16 Nov 2009 Growth and dynamics in a size-structured spatial population
  • Tom Adams
13 Nov 2009 Nanoparticle self-assembly at liquid-liquid interfaces (SALI): what's the point?
  • Lucio Isa (University of Edinburgh)
09 Nov 2009 Localization of maximal entropy random walk
  • Bartlomiej Waclaw
02 Nov 2009 Phase diagrams of low valence patchy particles
  • Flavio Romano (University of Edinburgh)
26 Oct 2009 Metastable Dynamics of Colloidal Hard Spheres
  • Vincent Martinez
19 Oct 2009 Quantitative snapshots of bacterial motility
  • Laurence Wilson
12 Oct 2009 Scaling of the current-current time correlation function of a suspension of hard sphere-like particles; Exposing when the motion of particles is Brownian
  • Bill van Megen (RMIT University Australia)
05 Oct 2009 Game theory, chaos and noise
  • Tobias Galla (University of Manchester)
28 Sep 2009 Investigations of the coalescence of emulsion droplets with microfluidics
  • Nicolas Bremond (Laboratoire Colloides et Materiaux Divises ESPCI Paris)
22 Sep 2009 Interfacial water structure, peptide adsorption and ion-specificity
  • Roland Netz (Technical University Munich)
10 Sep 2009 Particle Stabilised Emulsions with Hydrophobic Additives
  • Paul FitzGerald (University of Sydney Australia)
30 Jul 2009 Strong Mobility in Weakly Disordered Systems
  • Eli Ben-Naim (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
29 Jun 2009 Statistical physics of switching bacteria
  • Paolo Visco (University of Edinburgh)
22 Jun 2009 Nucleation of crystals: Experimental studies of protein crystallisation and computer simulations of simple models
  • Richard Sear (Department of Physics University of Surrey)
15 Jun 2009 Understanding the lag phase variability of insulin fibrillation
  • Line Jourdain (University of Edinburgh)
08 Jun 2009 Aspects of Protein Aggregation: An Introduction to Work on the Proteins alpha B Crystallin and Ovalbumin
  • Caroline Miles
01 Jun 2009 Emulsion Engineering: A convenient route to structured oils using polymer mediated, reversible emulsion droplet assembly
  • Jon Weaver (Materials Discovery Liverpool University)
25 May 2009 To be confirmed
  • Toni Collis
11 May 2009 Constitutive Equations for Colloidal Glasses from Statistical Mechanics
  • Mike Cates
04 May 2009 Time-resolved fluorescence microspectroscopy of visible fluorescent proteins in isolated form and in their natural cellular environment
  • Ton Visser (Wageningen University)
27 Apr 2009 To be confirmed
  • Job Thijssen
06 Apr 2009 Two-dimensional colloidal systems in optical and magnetic fields: micromechanics and band-formation
  • Roel Dullens (University of Oxford)
30 Mar 2009 The long-term fate of the attractive colloidal glass
  • Wilson Poon
23 Mar 2009 An Introduction to Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells
  • Alastair Mailar (University of Edinburgh)
16 Mar 2009 Critical Behaviour of Colloidal Interfaces Probed by Gravity
  • Dirk Aarts (University of Oxford)
09 Mar 2009 Aggregation and solvent electrostriction in a simple dipeptide: a molecular dynamics investigation
  • Paul Tulip
23 Feb 2009 Complex Fluids Characterization Through Expert System & High Frequency Rheometry
  • Samiul Amin (Malvern Instruments Limited)
16 Feb 2009 Flow and Jamming of 2D foams
  • Gijs Katgert (Leiden University The Netherlands)
09 Feb 2009 Porous media, Surfactants, and Petrodollars
  • Kevin Stratford
02 Feb 2009 Statistical Mechanics of Convergent Evolution
  • Bhavin Khatri
26 Jan 2009 The Electrophoresis Of Colloidal Particles or How to use the new Zetasizer Nano
  • Andrew Schofield
19 Jan 2009 What's a physicist got to do with 'ecological genetics'? Diffusion in population genetics and ecology
  • Neelofer Banglawala
12 Jan 2009 Condensed phases of paramagnetic colloids
  • Jure Dobnikar (Jozef Stefan Institute Department for Theoretical Physics Ljubljana Slovenia and University of Cambridge Department of Chemistry Cambridge UK)
15 Dec 2008 Large Scale Simulations of Blue Phases of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
  • Oliver Henrich
08 Dec 2008 1. Water Interactions with Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles and 2. Catching up on Bijels
  • Joe Tavacoli
01 Dec 2008 To be confirmed
  • Toni Collins (University of Edinburgh)
17 Nov 2008 Relaxation towards a nonequilibrium steady state: an unexpected spectral property of the asymmetric exclusion process
  • Arno Proeme
10 Nov 2008 Cellular networks of colloids via the demixing and remixing of binary liquids
  • Job Thijssen
03 Nov 2008 Colloidal Liquids, Crystals, and Glasses
  • Eric Weeks (Harvard University)
27 Oct 2008 Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in a System of Sedimenting Reproducing Particles
  • Conrad Barrett-Freeman
20 Oct 2008 Advanced optical microscopy techniques
  • Jochen Arlt
13 Oct 2008 Orbital ordering, reduced dimensionality and spin gap in correlated oxides
  • Daniel Khomskii (University of Cologne)
06 Oct 2008 The Statistical Mechanics of Word Learning
  • Richard Blythe
29 Sep 2008 Purely-elastic flow instabilities
  • Rob Poole (University of Liverpool)
22 Sep 2008 Hopping particles on a growing lattice
  • Kate Sugden (University of Edinburgh)
19 Sep 2008 A Dynamical Systems Perspective on Phase Separation
  • Juergen Vollmer (MPI Dynamics & Self-Organization Goettingen)
08 Sep 2008 The Physics of DNA in Bacteriophages
  • Davide Marenduzzo
01 Sep 2008 Some Optical Tweezers-Based Rheology Conclusions, and a New Microscopy Technique
  • Laurence Wilson
18 Aug 2008 To be confirmed
  • Martin Li
11 Aug 2008 Bacterial motility in polymer solutions
  • Wilson Poon
21 Jul 2008 To be confirmed
  • Tom Adams
14 Jul 2008 To be confirmed
  • Andrew Harrison
30 Jun 2008 Microfluidic devices: surface modification and analysis
  • Sally McArthur (University of Sheffield)
09 Jun 2008 Sickle hemoglobin fibers - self assembly, interactions, growth and depolymerisation
  • Matthew Turner (Warwick University)
02 Jun 2008 Direct simulation of rare events following Darwin
  • Julien Tailleur
12 May 2008 Altruism: a bluffer's guide
  • Lawrence Mitchell
28 Apr 2008 Time dependent quantum transport and nuclear motion
  • Claudio Verdozzi (Lund University)
14 Apr 2008 Crystal nucleation in ionic and covalent systems
  • Chantal Valeriani
07 Apr 2008 Lost in the thicket: how agar can suppress bacterial chemotaxis
  • Ottavio Croze (University of Edinburgh)
31 Mar 2008 Probing nanoscale structure and dynamics of soft matter by synchrotron X-ray scattering
  • Theyencheri Narayanan (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility Grenoble)
26 Mar 2008 Computer simulations of microrheology in dense colloidal systems
  • Antonio M. Puertas (University of Almeria)
17 Mar 2008 Simulating ''Swimmers'': Point-like self-propelled particles in lattice Boltzmann
  • Rupert Nash
25 Feb 2008 Out of equilibrium processes in oppositely charged colloidal suspensions
  • Eduardo Sanz
18 Feb 2008 The Bijel in Real Life
  • Kathryn White
11 Feb 2008 Slip of glassy hard-sphere colloidal suspensions
  • Pierre Ballesta (University of Edinburgh)
04 Feb 2008 Laser manipulation and transfer of angular momentum in liquid crystal systems
  • Helen Gleeson (University of Manchester)
28 Jan 2008 A structural route for dynamical arrest: locally favoured structures in colloidal gels and glasses
  • Paddy Royall (University of Bristol)
21 Jan 2008 Cytoplasmic streaming: Helical shear flows in giant algal cells and their implications for molecular transport
  • Jan Willem van de Meent (DAMTP University of Cambridge)
14 Jan 2008 Harnessing Patterning in Polymeric Materials: From Creating Defect-free Devices to Sorting Damaged Cells
  • Anna Balazs (University of Pittsburgh)
17 Dec 2007 Nonlinear Rheology of Colloidal Suspensions
  • Oliver Henrich
10 Dec 2007 Power injected in a granular gas
  • Paolo Visco (University of Edinburgh)
26 Nov 2007 Clustering, wetting and demixing in colloid-microemulsion composites
  • Danielle Van't Zand
19 Nov 2007 Characterisation of Photonic Colloidal Crystals in Real and Reciprocal Space: A Tale of Two Cities
  • Job Thijssen
12 Nov 2007 Steady-State Chemotactic Response in E. coli
  • Yariv Kafri (Technion)
05 Nov 2007 Are glasses hot ?
  • Tiffany Wood
29 Oct 2007 Non-linear instabilities in parallel shear flows of visco-elastic fluids
  • Alexander Morozov
22 Oct 2007 Electrostatic interactions across a charged lipid bilayer
  • Alexander Wagner (University of Edinburgh)
15 Oct 2007 Sex and Sensitivity: the (In)fidelity of DNA Homologous Recombination
  • Joel Stavans (Weizmann Institute of Science)
08 Oct 2007 Modelling dissipation in statistical mechanics
  • Richard Blythe
01 Oct 2007 The hydrodynamics of active fluids
  • Davide Marenduzzo
24 Sep 2007 Ionic Assemblies: Patterns and Symmetries
  • Monica Olvera de La Cruz (Department of Materials Science Northwestern University)
10 Sep 2007 Nanoparticles in binary mixture of liquid crystal and dodecanol
  • Chethan Lobo (University of Edinburgh)
03 Sep 2007 Colloidal Particle Structures at Liquid Interfaces
  • Tommy Horozov (University of Hull)
27 Aug 2007 Coupling electrostatic and polymeric surface interactions in soft matter and biology
  • Ottavio Croze (University of Edinburgh)
20 Aug 2007 The simulations of complex colloidal fluids by Lattice Boltzmann
  • Grace Kim (University of Edinburgh)
13 Aug 2007 Reporting the noise: physics looks at finance
  • Lawrence Mitchell
30 Jul 2007 Nucleation in the 2D Ising model under shear
  • Rosalind Allen
02 Jul 2007 To be confirmed
  • Martin Evans
18 Jun 2007 Structure and Deformation of Soft Colloidal Co-crystals
  • Lynn M. Walker (Department of Chemical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University)
04 Jun 2007 Piconewton forces in dense colloids, applied and measured by optical tweezers
  • Laurence Wilson
14 May 2007 Antisite disorder and the magnetic groundstate of an experimental spin 1/2 kagome antiferromagnet
  • Mark de Vries (University of Edinburgh)
30 Apr 2007 On the expansion of bacteria through soft agar
  • Ottavio Croze (University of Edinburgh)
23 Apr 2007 Experimental work on interconnected super-emulsions
  • Eva Herzig (University of Edinburgh)
02 Apr 2007 Phase separating proteins and cellular switches
  • Richard Sear (Department of Physics University of Surrey)
26 Mar 2007 Complex dynamics of shear banded flows
  • Suzanne Fielding (University of Edinburgh)
19 Mar 2007 Point forces in lattice Boltzmann: Approaching unsettled questions in sedimentation and learning to swim
  • Rupert Nash
26 Feb 2007 Understanding cell-cell interactions for biological aggregation: Working at the interface between engineering and biology
  • Catherine Biggs (Sheffield)
19 Feb 2007 Lipid domain formation in binary/ternary Giant Unilamellar Vesicles
  • Zhijun Zhao (University of Edinburgh)
12 Feb 2007 Micro-channel flow of high volume fraction colloidal glasses: velocity profiles, fluctuations and Antoni Gaudi
  • Lucio Isa (University of Edinburgh)
05 Feb 2007 Nonequilibrium Kinetics of the Triangular Antiferromagnetic Ising model
  • Grace Kim (University of Edinburgh)
29 Jan 2007 Drops on Chemically Patterned and Superhydrophobic Surfaces
  • Julia Yeomans (University of Oxford)
22 Jan 2007 Atomistic simulations of martensitic transformations in 2D Lennard-Jones solids
  • Oliver Kastner (University of Edinburgh)
15 Jan 2007 Faraday instability in complex fluids
  • Pierre Ballesta (University of Edinburgh)
11 Dec 2006 Chain reactions, hexosomes and unexpected shades of the colour blue
  • Kathryn White
04 Dec 2006 Colloids in Surfactant Systems
  • Danielle Van't Zand
27 Nov 2006 Self-assembly of polypeptides as inspiration for new materials
  • Cait MacPhee
20 Nov 2006 Imaging and rheology of colloidal glasses under steady shear
  • Rut Besseling
13 Nov 2006 Phonons and Structures in Rubidium and Oxygen at High Pressure
  • Malcolm McMahon
06 Nov 2006 Nonequilibrium Steady States in Sheared Binary Fluids
  • Mike Cates
23 Oct 2006 Connecting simulation and experiment: classical molecular dynamics of simple peptides in water
  • Susie Allison (University of Edinburgh)
09 Oct 2006 Proline - of ants, tubes and quantum corrections
  • Raph Troitzsch (University of Edinburgh)
02 Oct 2006 Modelling soft active materials
  • Davide Marenduzzo
25 Sep 2006 Non linear rheology and dynamic yielding of a simple glass: A molecular dynamics study
  • Fathollah Varnik (Max-Planck Institut fuer Eisenforschung Duesseldorf)
21 Aug 2006 Poly-N-Methylpyrrole Modified Electrodes to Investigate Bile Salt-Lecithin Aggregation
  • Dilec Madenci (University of Edinburgh)
14 Aug 2006 Colloidal glasses
  • Peter Pusey
07 Aug 2006 Evolutionary genetics and thermodynamics
  • Neelofer Banglawala
31 Jul 2006 Bacterial gene networks and the cell cycle
  • Rosalind Allen
24 Jul 2006 Get Orf Moi Land
  • Graeme Ackland
27 Jun 2006 Modelling Hard Spheres via Monte Carlo Methods
  • Andrew Jackson (University of Edinburgh)
19 Jun 2006 Statistical Physics and Fungal Growth
  • Kate Sugden (University of Edinburgh)
09 Jun 2006 Directional Interactions Amongst Encapsulated Clusters
  • Dana Breed (University of California Santa Barbara)
05 Jun 2006 Topological mixing in viscous fluids
  • Emmanuelle Gouillart (CEA Saclay)
29 May 2006 Getting to the bottom of rugged energy landscapes
  • Richard Blythe
19 May 2006 Weak Agitations, Zero Yield Stress and Smooth Flows in Granular Media
  • Martin van Hecke (Leiden University)
15 May 2006 Spatially Competing Shops
  • Lawrence Mitchell
08 May 2006 Pattern formation in thin film suspensions
  • Mark Buchanan (University of Oslo)
02 May 2006 How to Make a Neurocrystal: Modeling the Developmental Patterning of the Fly's Eye
  • David Lubensky (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
24 Apr 2006 Techniques for trapping and studying colloids on liquid-liquid interfaces
  • Eva Herzig (University of Edinburgh)
27 Mar 2006 Optical Trapping Experiments in Hard Sphere Colloidal Systems
  • Laurence Wilson
20 Mar 2006 Controlling drop impact by additives
  • Volfango Bertola (School of Engineering)
01 Mar 2006 A simple model for the excess entropy of mixing of methanol-water mixtures
  • Rowan Hargreaves (University of Edinburgh)
27 Feb 2006 The OCR Protein: gels, bananas and DNA
  • Rik Higham (University of Edinburgh)
13 Feb 2006 Mode-coupling glasses and liquid structure
  • Martin Greenall (University of Edinburgh)
30 Jan 2006 Finding the Center Reliably: Robust Patterns of Developmental Gene Expression
  • Martin Howard (University of Edinburgh)
23 Jan 2006 Spatial and temporal inhomogeneities in the flow of dense colloidal suspensions into geometrical constrictions
  • Lucio Isa (University of Edinburgh)
16 Jan 2006 Phase separation in lipid bilayers
  • Vernita Gordon (University of Edinburgh)
19 Dec 2005 The OCR Protein: gels, bananas and DNA
  • Rik Higham (University of Edinburgh)
07 Dec 2005 X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy as a new tool to investigate the dynamics of soft condensed matter
  • Aymeric Robert (University of Edinburgh)
05 Dec 2005 Conducting Organic Molecule Micropatterns on Functionalised Glass Surfaces
  • Iris Coe
28 Nov 2005 An introduction to networks
  • Tom Hanney (University of Edinburgh)
21 Nov 2005 Mutation of albedo and growth response produces oscillations in a spatial Daisyworld
  • Jamie Wood (University of Edinburgh)
14 Nov 2005 Investigating Extreme Condition Microbiology
  • Gail Ferguson (Structural & Molecular Biology and CSEC)
07 Nov 2005 Realtime 3D microscopy of colloidal glasses under shear
  • Rut Besseling
31 Oct 2005 Condensed matter neutron science down-under: From magnetic cobaltates to polymer substrates for biosensing applications
  • Michael James (Bragg Institute Sydney)
31 Oct 2005 Noise in Biochemical Reaction Networks
  • Patrick Warren
24 Oct 2005 Diffuse Scattering from Incommensurate Rb-IV
  • Malcolm McMahon
17 Oct 2005 Phase Transitions in Stochastic Models of Flow
  • Martin Evans
10 Oct 2005 Opening up into two dimensions: insights into liquid structure
  • Susie Allison (University of Edinburgh)
03 Oct 2005 Correlation spectroscopy with photons and electrons - insight into medium-range order in amorphous materials
  • J. Murray Gibson (Argonne National Laboratory)
05 Sep 2005 Self Assembled Monolayers and Soft Lithography
  • Nhan Pham
22 Aug 2005 Weighted Networks and the Multi-Species Zero-Range Process
  • Andrew Angel (University of Edinburgh)
01 Aug 2005 Colloidal glasses under shear
  • Nhan Pham
04 Jul 2005 From interparticle potentials to free energies - or the challenge of doing atomistic simulations with the right thermodynamics
  • Alfredo Caro (University of Edinburgh)
22 Jun 2005 Colloids in external fields: theory and simulation
  • Hartmut Löwen (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
20 Jun 2005 Colloidal Analog of the Ionic Fluid: computer simulation study
  • José B. Caballero (University of Edinburgh)
06 Jun 2005 The Physics of Filamentous Fungi
  • Wilson Poon
30 May 2005 Armadillos, a dead dinosaur and the glass transition
  • Martin Greenall (University of Edinburgh)
16 May 2005 Recent Developments in Lattice Boltzmann for Complex Fluids
  • Kevin Stratford (EPCC, University of Edinburgh)
11 May 2005 The Mechanics and Statistics of Active Matter
  • Sriram Ramaswamy (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
09 May 2005 Simulating the flipping of genetic switches and other rare events
  • Rosalind Allen (AMOLF)
19 Apr 2005 To be confirmed
  • Fred Mackintosh (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
21 Mar 2005 MC measurement of the isotropic nematic interfacial tension in suspensions of soft rods
  • Tanja Schilling (Mainz)
14 Mar 2005 Microimmiscible aqueous alcohols: dynamics and thermodynamics
  • Simon Bates
07 Mar 2005 With these statistical mechanics I language change and population genetics wed
  • Richard Blythe
28 Feb 2005 Dilatancy, Jamming, and the Physics of Granulation
  • Mike Cates
21 Feb 2005 Attraction and Repulsion in Glasses
  • Thomas Voigtmann (University of Edinburgh)
09 Feb 2005 Interaction between Colloids and Cells
  • Didier Roux (Centre de recherche Paul Pascal CNRS Pessac France)
04 Feb 2005 How industrial problems expose gaps in fundamental colloid science
  • Richard Buscall (ICI Strategic Technology Group Redcar)
31 Jan 2005 Pattern formation in particle laden viscous fluid thin film flow
  • Mark Buchanan (University of Oslo)
24 Jan 2005 An exactly solvable phase transition in an Ising system with a grain boundary
  • Jamie Wood (University of Edinburgh)
17 Jan 2005 Phase separation in lipid bilayers
  • Vernita Gordon (University of Edinburgh)
13 Dec 2004 The Gel Phase of OCR, a DNA Mimic
  • Rik Higham (University of Edinburgh)
06 Dec 2004 Conducting Polymer Micropatterns
  • Iris Coe
29 Nov 2004 An Einstein relation for nonequilibrium steady states
  • Tom Hanney (University of Edinburgh)
22 Nov 2004 Instabilities and Collective Phenomena in Plastic Flow of Crystalline Solids
  • Michael Zaiser (University of Edinburgh)
15 Nov 2004 Clusters in methanol-water mixtures
  • Rowan Hargreaves (University of Edinburgh)
08 Nov 2004 Statics and dynamics of poly(ethylene glycol)-stabilized colloids
  • Johan Bergenholtz (University of Gothenburg Sweden)
01 Nov 2004 Gels, clusters and phase separation in sticky particle systems
  • Helen Sedgwick (University of Edinburgh)
25 Oct 2004 Bridging in Colloidal Sediments
  • Matt Jenkins (University of Edinburgh)
18 Oct 2004 Unbinding Books and Demixing Mixtures
  • Jeroen S. van Duijneveldt (School of Chemistry University of Bristol)
11 Oct 2004 The Aqueous Environment: Lessons from Small Molecules
  • Lorna Dougan (University of Edinburgh)
04 Oct 2004 Jamming in 2-Dimensional Granular Flow
  • Ki Wing To (Institute of Physics Academia Sinica Nankang Taipei Taiwan)
13 Sep 2004 Untangling hair conditioners: The swelling of surfactant bilayer phases
  • David Fairhurst (University of Edinburgh)
06 Sep 2004 The hydrodynamic interaction in confined suspensions
  • Haim Diamant (Tel Aviv University Israel)
23 Aug 2004 Myelin Formation
  • Stefan Egelhaaf (University of Edinburgh)
09 Aug 2004 Remoteness: studying the structure of concentrated particulate systems
  • Mark Haw (University of Edinburgh)
02 Aug 2004 Self-Assembled Monolayers, Soft Lithography and Ezyme Activity at Surfaces
  • Nhan Pham
26 Jul 2004 Limited Coalescence in Particle-Stabilised Emulsions: Experiment and Theory
  • Bernard P. Binks (Surfactant & Colloid Group Department of Chemistry University of Hull)
19 Jul 2004 Overshooting Currents and Condensation Transitions in the Zero-Range Process
  • Andrew Angel (University of Edinburgh)
12 Jul 2004 Domain Formation in Binary Lipid Vesicles
  • Paul Beales (University of Edinburgh)
05 Jul 2004 Chain melting in the Incommensurate Host-Guest Phase of Rb-IV
  • Malcolm McMahon
28 Jun 2004 Molecular Motors: Observation and Theory
  • Michael Fisher (University of Maryland)
07 Jun 2004 Adsorption of hydrocarbon mixtures in porous materials
  • Joe Fox (University of Edinburgh)
31 May 2004 Mesoscopic and Nanoscale Thermodynamics: Fundamentals for Emerging Technologies
  • Mikhail Anisimov (Department of Chemical Engineering and Institute for Physical Science and Technology University of Maryland)
10 May 2004 The shape memory effect and the synthetic midge
  • Graeme Ackland
03 May 2004 Hard Spheres Revisited
  • Andrew Schofield
26 Apr 2004 Depinning, Ordering and Melting of Vortex Matter in Mesoscopic Channels
  • Rut Besseling
29 Mar 2004 Wetting transitions and surface geometry
  • Martin Greenall (University of Edinburgh)
15 Mar 2004 Jamming: an overview
  • Colin Holmes (University of Edinburgh)
01 Mar 2004 Phase transition and fractionation in polydisperse colloids
  • Nhan Pham
23 Feb 2004 Behaviour of globular protein solutions in lipid cubic phase
  • Shinpei Tanaka (University of Edinburgh)
17 Feb 2004 Patterns, templates and ordering in thin films: from magnetic garnets to polymer films and beyond
  • David Andelman (Tel Aviv University Israel)
09 Feb 2004 Flowing smectics with defects
  • David Lu (Physics Department National Central University Taiwan)
02 Feb 2004 Liquid crystals embedded in gels
  • Paul Clegg
26 Jan 2004 Diffusion of particles in polymer solutions
  • Peter Pusey
19 Jan 2004 Mixing effects in dense binary hard-sphere fluids
  • Thomas Voigtmann (University of Edinburgh)
12 Jan 2004 The Penna Model -- a solvable model of evolutionary ageing
  • Jonathan Coe (Cavendish Laboratory University of Cambridge)
15 Dec 2003 Shake, Rattle and Roll
  • M. Siddick (University of Edinburgh)
08 Dec 2003 Bridges and arches - extended structures in particulate deposits
  • Gary Barker (Institute of Food Research (Norwich))
01 Dec 2003 Microscale Mechanical Responses and Properties in Bio-Relevant Materials: Glioblastoma and Self-Assembled Polymer Capsules
  • Vernita Gordon (University of Edinburgh)
24 Nov 2003 Soggy Matter Physics
  • Malcolm Robertson (University of Edinburgh)
17 Nov 2003 Phase transitions in one-dimensional driven systems and the zero-range process
  • Tom Hanney (University of Edinburgh)
10 Nov 2003 Analysing Structure in (almost) Colloidal Sediments
  • Matt Jenkins (University of Edinburgh)
03 Nov 2003 Topological Gel
  • Kohzo Ito (University of Tokyo)
27 Oct 2003 Quantum versions of random walks for quantum computing
  • Vivien Kendon (Imperial College London)
20 Oct 2003 Interactions of particulate inclusions in a columnar phase
  • Ronojoy Adhikari (University of Edinburgh)
13 Oct 2003 The Hydrophobic Interaction
  • David Fairhurst (University of Edinburgh)
06 Oct 2003 Modelling granular avalanches
  • Achod Aradian (University of Edinburgh)
29 Sep 2003 The Polymerisation Motor
  • Helen Sedgwick (University of Edinburgh)
01 Sep 2003 Flow instabilities and shear banding in complex fluids
  • Suzanne Fielding (University of Edinburgh)
25 Aug 2003 Network formation in mixtures of nematic liquid crystal and colloid particles
  • Julie Cleaver (University of Edinburgh)
18 Aug 2003 Shock formation in driven flows
  • Martin Evans
11 Aug 2003 The Paris-Edinburgh neutron pressure cell -- The world's smallest large volume cell
  • John Loveday
04 Aug 2003 The tellurium delirium or a crystallographer's paradise
  • Clivia Hejny (University of Edinburgh)
14 Jul 2003 Determination of Free Energy Differences of Crystalline Solids
  • Amit Acharya (University of Edinburgh)
07 Jul 2003 Application of QCM to the evaporation of colloidal suspension drops
  • Nhan Pham
30 Jun 2003 Experiments on jamming in colloids
  • Mark Haw (University of Edinburgh)
23 Jun 2003 If at first you don't succeed - add more dimensions
  • Malcolm McMahon
16 Jun 2003 Simple Molecules Ain't So Simple
  • Simon Bates
09 Jun 2003 2D evaporation: a controlled environment
  • F. Clement (University of Edinburgh)
03 Jun 2003 Viscoelasticity and Structural Aging in Colloidal Gels
  • Maria Kilfoil (Harvard University)
26 May 2003 Epidemic processes with immunization
  • Andrea Jimenez-Dalmaroni (Theoretical Physics University of Oxford)
12 May 2003 Electronic structure theory: Tight-binding models and phase transformations
  • Robert Albers (Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA))
05 May 2003 Local perturbations of colloidal suspensions
  • Poitr Habdas (Department of Physics Emory University (Atlanta USA))
28 Apr 2003 Supercoiled DNA
  • Stefan Egelhaaf (University of Edinburgh)
15 Apr 2003 Screening phenomena in macroion suspensions
  • Emmanuel Trizac (LPTMS, Université Paris-Saclay)
07 Apr 2003 Using Monte Carlo simulations to help understand cracking
  • Joe Fox (University of Edinburgh)
31 Mar 2003 Kinetics of Micelle Formation
  • Anniina Salonen (University of Edinburgh)
24 Mar 2003 Orienteering, daisies and spilt coffee: Simulations with non-Hamiltonian Dynamics
  • Graeme Ackland
17 Mar 2003 When Hard Spheres Get Soft
  • Helen Sedgwick (University of Edinburgh)
11 Mar 2003 Systematics of the nonmetal-metal transition in highly compressed low-Z fluids at extreme conditions
  • B. Nellis (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
10 Mar 2003 The physics of the complex mixture inside E. coli
  • Richard Sear (Department of Physics University of Surrey)
03 Mar 2003 Phase Separation in Mixed Lipid Membranes
  • Paul Beales (University of Edinburgh)
24 Feb 2003 Working on small systems: beyond the Second Law of Thermodynamics
  • Alastair Bruce (Formerly School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)
17 Feb 2003 Protein crystallization in lipid cubic phase
  • Shinpei Tanaka (University of Edinburgh)
10 Feb 2003 Percolation and phase separation in a fluid of sticky spheres
  • Mark Miller (FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics Amsterdam The Netherlands)
03 Feb 2003 Recent Experiments on Binary Colloidal Crystals
  • Andrew Schofield
27 Jan 2003 Flow and Slip of Pastes
  • Steven Meeker (Laboratoire matire molle et chimie ESPCI Paris France)
23 Jan 2003 Dynamical properties of wormlike micelles
  • J. Candau (Laboratoire de dynamique des fluides complexes Universit Louis Pasteur Strasbourg France)
20 Jan 2003 Crystal structure of elements under high pressure: recent findings and surprises
  • Olga Degtyareva
13 Jan 2003 Simulating shear flow: Leave it to chance?
  • Mike Evans (University of Edinburgh)
09 Dec 2002 The Dielectric Mafia Returns: How the Polymer Network Infiltrated Charged Lamellars..
  • Ottavio Croze (University of Edinburgh)
02 Dec 2002 Heterogeneities of the dynamics close to the glass transition in van der Waals liquids in the bulk and in thin films
  • Didier Long (University of Edinburgh)
25 Nov 2002 Networks
  • Miriam Clincy (University of Edinburgh)
18 Nov 2002 Klaus's Klusters, or: When is a Gel a Glass?
  • Mike Cates
11 Nov 2002 Spinning Two Glasses
  • Nhan Pham
04 Nov 2002 An Introduction to Confocal Microscopy
  • Paul Smith (University of Edinburgh)
28 Oct 2002 Thinning processes in soap films
  • Achod Aradian (University of Edinburgh)
21 Oct 2002 Density expansion for the critical point of a polydisperse system
  • Carlos Rascon (University of Edinburgh)
14 Oct 2002 From silicon carbide to the removal of George W Bush by way of Kinlochleven
  • Graeme Ackland
07 Oct 2002 Complex Structures in 'Simple' Metals
  • I. R. Macleod (University of Edinburgh)
29 Sep 2002 Bose Condensation and Jamming Transitions
  • Martin Evans
23 Sep 2002 Physics of the Knee
  • Wilson Poon
02 Sep 2002 Kinetic Pathway of Vesicle Formation
  • Jacques Leng (University of Edinburgh)
26 Aug 2002 An MCT model of suspension rheology
  • Colin Holmes (University of Edinburgh)
19 Aug 2002 Soap Froth: Some Universal Topological Properties
  • Kwok Yip Szeto (University of Edinburgh)
12 Aug 2002 How to avoid unwanted encounters in a crowd
  • Richard Blythe
29 Jul 2002 Overdamped Euler buckling
  • Oskar Hallatschek (University of Edinburgh)
22 Jul 2002 High pressure behaviour of Caesium
  • Clivia Hejny (University of Edinburgh)
15 Jul 2002 Spinodal decomposition in a temperature ramp
  • Alexander Wagner (University of Edinburgh)
08 Jul 2002 Fudge the Fudge
  • Klaus Kroy (Leipzig University )
01 Jul 2002 Mixtures of Colloids and Liquid Crystals
  • Doris Vollmer (University of Edinburgh)
24 Jun 2002 Kinetics of surfactant dissolution
  • Jacques Leng (University of Edinburgh)
17 Jun 2002 Hunting for Snarks in the Phase Diagram
  • James Magee (University of Edinburgh)
10 Jun 2002 Things Fall Apart
  • Mark Haw (University of Edinburgh)
27 May 2002 Crystal structures of hydrogen bonded small molecules
  • Pamela A. McGregor (University of Edinburgh)
13 May 2002 Computing the density of states by Monte Carlo
  • Alastair Bruce (Formerly School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)
06 May 2002 Solvable models for entropic quasicrystals
  • Bernard Nienhuis (University of Edinburgh)
29 Apr 2002 Crystallization and phase behaviour of protein solutions
  • Shinpei Tanaka (University of Edinburgh)
22 Apr 2002 Hydrodynamic Boundary Conditions
  • Klaus Kroy (Leipzig University )
25 Mar 2002 SAXS & XPCS at ESRF
  • Abdellatif Moussaid (University of Edinburgh)
18 Mar 2002 The Gallium Story
  • Olga Degtyareva
11 Mar 2002 Charged Non-Aqueous Colloids
  • Andrew Schofield
04 Mar 2002 From colloidal gels to biological systems
  • Sara Romer (University of Edinburgh)
25 Feb 2002 Pressure effect on manganites with layered perovskite structure
  • Dmitriy Sokolov (University of Edinburgh)
18 Feb 2002 Phase separation in polymer mixtures
  • Ellen Reister (University of Edinburgh)
11 Feb 2002 Fluids in porous media
  • Ruslan Sokolovskii (University of Edinburgh)
04 Feb 2002 Lipid bilayers
  • Stefan Egelhaaf (University of Edinburgh)
28 Jan 2002 Hard sphere glasses under oscillatory shear (The final Episode?)
  • George Petekidis (University of Edinburgh)
21 Jan 2002 45 years of Directed Percolation
  • Martin Evans
14 Jan 2002 Scaling Approaches to Nonequilibrium Systems
  • Tom Hanney (University of Edinburgh)
07 Jan 2002 Glass and jams - one and the same?
  • Colin Holmes (University of Edinburgh)
03 Dec 2001 The Dielectric Mafia: How the Fat Macromolecules Got Away Without Being Charged
  • Ottavio Croze (University of Edinburgh)
26 Nov 2001 Shearing Crowded Sticky Balls
  • Paul Smith (University of Edinburgh)
19 Nov 2001 Features of Driven Diffusive Systems
  • Miriam Clincy (University of Edinburgh)
12 Nov 2001 Drop breakup in 2d
  • Lyn Wilson (University of Edinburgh)
05 Nov 2001 Two glassy states of 'sticky hard spheres'
  • Nhan Pham
29 Oct 2001 To be confirmed
  • Helen Sedgwick (University of Edinburgh)
22 Oct 2001 What is Rheological Chaos?
  • Mike Cates
15 Oct 2001 Adsorption in microporous materials
  • Vincent Rooy (University of Edinburgh)
08 Oct 2001 Computational Complexity & Physics
  • Klaus Kroy (Leipzig University )
01 Oct 2001 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. What? How? Why?
  • Malcolm Robertson (University of Edinburgh)
24 Sep 2001 Mesoscale Modelling of Fluidised Bed Binder Granulation
  • Frantisek Stepanek (Statistics and Modelling Unit Unilever Research Port Sunlight UK)
10 Sep 2001 Colloidal gels and glasses inside a computer
  • Antonio Puertas (University of Edinburgh)
03 Sep 2001 Hierarchical self-assembly of polyelectrolytes at interfaces
  • Christiane A Helm (Universität Greifswald Germany)
27 Aug 2001 Partial structure factors in star polymer/colloid mixtures
  • Jörg Stellbrink (IFF/KFA Jülich Germany)
20 Aug 2001 The Minority Game and Econophysics
  • Mike Cates
13 Aug 2001 Weird Metals - Modulations within Hosts within Guests
  • Malcolm McMahon
06 Aug 2001 Fancy Vesicles
  • Jacques Leng (University of Edinburgh)
30 Jul 2001 The Physics of Explosive Detonation
  • Iain MacLeod (University of Edinburgh)
23 Jul 2001 Lennard-Jones Devonshire Cell Theory: A Cautionary Tale
  • James Magee (University of Edinburgh)
09 Jul 2001 Wrapping threads around spheres
  • Matthias Fuchs (University of Edinburgh)
02 Jul 2001 Squeezing sandwiches, or how to tune useful properties of magnetic multilayers with pressure
  • Konstantin Kamenev (CSEC &amp; School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh)
25 Jun 2001 Should we all buy stripy glasses?
  • Mike Cates
18 Jun 2001 To be confirmed
  • Alexander Wagner (University of Edinburgh)
11 Jun 2001 What I also did in Paris:<br> Watching Paint Dry in Reciprocal Space
  • Wilson Poon
04 Jun 2001 To be confirmed
  • Mark Haw (University of Edinburgh)
14 May 2001 ''Croissants de sable'' and other delicatessen
  • Klaus Kroy (Leipzig University )
07 May 2001 High-Pressure Structural Studies Of Organic Small-Molecule Systems
  • David R Allan (University of Edinburgh)
30 Apr 2001 Replica Theory without tears
  • Martin Evans
23 Apr 2001 Cluster aggregation: a space odyssey
  • Mike Evans (University of Edinburgh)
02 Apr 2001 To boldly grow..
  • Richard Blythe
26 Mar 2001 Have you got a tin or would you prefer a glass?
  • Graeme Ackland
19 Mar 2001 Phase Behaviour of Colloid-Wormlike Micelle Mixtures
  • Linda Galloway (University of Edinburgh)
12 Mar 2001 Proteins as Colloids
  • Wilson Poon
05 Mar 2001 Statistical geometry...and freezing of a few hardspheres
  • Alastair Bruce (Formerly School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)
26 Feb 2001 What are 'glasses', and do colloids have any relevance to their study?
  • Kenneth Dawson (Department of Chemistry University College Dublin)
19 Feb 2001 Brownian motion and the diffusion equation
  • Matthias Fuchs (University of Edinburgh)
12 Feb 2001 Dynamics of aging soft matter
  • Luca Cipelletti (Université Montpellier II)
05 Feb 2001 Universal features of jamming in a model of frictionless granular media
  • David Head (University of Edinburgh)
22 Jan 2001 The influence of the geometry on adsorption isotherms: From complete wetting to capillary condensation
  • Carlos Rascon (University of Edinburgh)
15 Jan 2001 Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do
  • Graeme Ackland
08 Jan 2001 Brownian dynamics simulation of colloidal aggregation
  • Antonio Puertas (University of Edinburgh)
18 Dec 2000 Colloidal Epitaxy
  • Andrew Schofield
11 Dec 2000 Simulation (and perhaps even control) of surface reactions
  • Simon Bates
04 Dec 2000 Neutrons and Biology
  • Stefan Egelhaaf (University of Edinburgh)
27 Nov 2000 Simulation in the Social Sciences: Progress towards a Computational History?
  • Alexander Wagner (University of Edinburgh)
20 Nov 2000 A beginners guide to First Principles Simulation
  • Iain MacLeod (University of Edinburgh)
13 Nov 2000 Shear induced gelation of micelles -- A ring-driven thing?
  • Mike Cates
06 Nov 2000 Introduction to Stochastic Processes: Comparison between Non-interacting and Interacting Systems
  • Isao Hiyane (University of Edinburgh)
30 Oct 2000 Lattice Boltzmann simulations of drop break-up
  • Lyn Wilson (University of Edinburgh)
23 Oct 2000 In Search of Configurational Entropy
  • Martin Evans
16 Oct 2000 Effects of Pressure Induced Electron Transfer
  • Stewart Reed (University of Edinburgh)
09 Oct 2000 Colloidal Glasses under Shear Strain
  • George Petekidis (University of Edinburgh)
02 Oct 2000 Studies of colloidal systems by confocal microscopy
  • Eric Weeks (Harvard University)
25 Sep 2000 Chicagoan Things
  • David Head (University of Edinburgh)
04 Sep 2000 Freezing by Monte Carlo
  • Nigel Wilding (University of Edinburgh)
28 Aug 2000 Dynamic light scattering study of Onion phase
  • Abdellatif Moussaid (University of Edinburgh)
21 Aug 2000 Kinetics of the Micelle-to-Vesicle Transition
  • Jacques Leng (University of Edinburgh)
14 Aug 2000 Why is the DNA Denaturation Transition First Order?
  • David Mukamel (Department of Physics of Complex Systems Weizmann Institute of Science Israel)
07 Aug 2000 Entropies of fragmented configuration spaces
  • Alastair Bruce (Formerly School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh)
31 Jul 2000 When Hard Spheres Crystallize (and get it wrong)
  • Mike Evans (University of Edinburgh)
24 Jul 2000 Suspensions far from shifting equilibrium
  • Mark Haw (University of Edinburgh)
17 Jul 2000 Ab initio molecular dynamics studies of structure and solvation in polar liquids
  • Mark Tuckerman (NYU)
10 Jul 2000 Evidence of Liquid-Liquid Phase Transitions in Real Systems
  • James Magee (University of Edinburgh)
03 Jul 2000 Plumbing for Physicists
  • Richard Blythe
26 Jun 2000 Atomic Force Microscopy on Polymers
  • Vasileios Koutsos (Centre for Materials Science and Engineering)
19 Jun 2000 The cage effect in liquids
  • Mattias Fuchs (University of Edinburgh)

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