Gustav Mogull

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Mr D G Mogull

Mr D G Mogull

Postgraduate Student
Research postgraduates
James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB)
Room 4310

Gustav is a member of the following School research institute and research group:

Research Interests

I work with Dr Donal O'Connell at the Higgs Centre on Colour-Kinematics Duality in Yang-Mills (YM) theory and quantum gravity.  These symmetries for tree-level scattering demonstrate how the so-called kinematic numerators obey identical Jacobi identities to colour numerators.  Moreover, the "Double Copy" relation allows extraction of gravitational amplitudes using a simple squaring relationship of YM, considerably simplifying the previously cryptic KLT formulae.

We are looking to extend these ideas into the supersymmetric realm, especially that of maximally symmetric D=N=4.  We are also investigating how these symmetries relate to the recently proposed "Scattering Equations" (arXiv:1307.2199), and how this structure arises as a result of certain string theories which could allow us to go beyond tree-level.  Finally, we are exploring specific instances of BCJ numerators at loop level.